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Current Semester Quantum Spacetime Seminars

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Past Quantum Spacetime Seminars

DateSpeakerInstituteTalk Title
2023-08-07 Amitabh Virmani CMI, Chennai Gravitational Waves in de Sitter I
2023-08-08 Amitabh Virmani CMI, Chennai Gravitational Waves in de Sitter II
2023-08-21 Chi-Ming Chang Tsinghua U., Beijing Black hole operators in N=4 super-Yang-Mills
2023-08-28 Joaquin Turiaci IAS, Princeton Random Matrix Universality for Black Holes in Supergravity
2023-09-04 Aron Wall DAMTP, Cambridge Off Shell Strings and Black Hole Entropy
2023-09-11 Petr Kravchuk King's College London Higher-twist operators in CFTs
2023-09-18 Clifford Cheung Caltech Double Copy Variations
2023-09-25 Yuji Tachikawa Kavli IPMU, Japan QFT perspectives on topological modular forms
2023-10-04 Sarthak Parikh IIT Delhi Holography beyond AdS: buildings and fractals
2023-10-09 Akshay Yelleshpur Brown University Scattering amplitudes and holography
2023-10-16 Jorrit Kruthoff IAS Princeton The Power of Lorentzian Wormholes
2023-10-23 Jacob Bourjaily Penn State U. Adventures in Perturbation Theory
2023-10-30 Enrico Pajer Cambridge University Recent progress on the Cosmological Bootstrap
2023-11-13 Tom Hartman Cornell University Averaged null energy and the renormalization group
2023-11-20 Dam Thanh Son University of Chicago Bosonization of Fermi surfaces and co-adjoint orbits
2023-11-23 Hofie Hannesdottir IAS Princeton What can be measured asymptotically?
2023-12-04 Juan Maldacena IAS Princeton Comments on the double cone wormhole
2024-05-22 Suvrat Raju ICTS, TIFR Massive Particles at Spatial Infinity